Looking to scorch fat but have limited time each day? Then this 90-day set is just for you! Dr. Monique St. Pierre and XTRAINFIT bring you a high energy and up-tempo full body workout that shreds fat while toning muscle.
The combination of INTENSE circuit training workouts and disciplined nutritional planning provides all of the tools you need to get in and stay in the best shape of your life.
Join Monique today and start transforming your body and your life!


RIPT90 FIT shatters fitness plateaus with the toughest workouts you’ll ever experience carefully programmed over 90 days. Fast paced and up-tempo, the 12 workouts are designed to build long lean muscles in about 30 minutes a day or less through a combination of Resistance, Interval and Plyometric Training.
Other workouts promise results in 20-30 minutes a day while we believe workouts should be as long or short as required to reach the required level of fatigue or exertion depending on the goal of the workout.
We are so confident you’ll be enthusiastically happy with RIPT90 FIT we have included a 90-day money back guarantee.



Get results, burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscles in 45 minutes or less a day with XTFMAX. Professional trainer Stephanie Oram gives you everything you need to reach your fitness goals in 12 workouts, designed to burn calories and sculpt long lean muscles. You don’t need an expensive gym membership, or yoga or Pilates classes to get results. We deliver muscle sculpting, core tightening, fat burning, strength and flexibility workouts to get your body looking defined in just 90.
Ready to burn major calories and sculpt lean muscles in less than an hour a day? The 90-day calendar plans your workouts to deliver maximum fat loss. As with all of Stephanie’s work-outs, there are multiple modifications shown, so regardless of your fitness level, you can control the intensity of each workout as you get stronger.


CIRCUIT TRAINING One on One is a fat-burning, muscle-sculpting 30-day training program that can help you get chiseled in the comfort of your own home. Workout One on One with professional trainer Stephanie Oram to tone and tighten the entire body in just 30 minutes a day.

One on One is a 30-day workout program of 5 intense workouts designed to shed fat and build long lean muscles. Each workout targets a specific body part where we focus on getting the heart rate elevated and develop long lean muscles. One on One incorporates a pyramid style workout, you’ll alternate between muscle toning and fat burning cardio exercises. The program comes with a 30-day calendar to take the guesswork out.



Many people desire the results that come with having a personal trainer but lack the resources to afford one. That’s why we created Personal Trainer. Now you can get, all of the same results but at a fraction of the cost.

Let Stephanie Oram be your Personal Trainer for the next 90 days and become a fitter, healthier and stronger version of you. PERSONAL TRAINER includes 12 workouts that will help you burn fat and build lean muscle in the comfort of your own home.

Not only did we provide 12 different workouts, we also included a complete training guide, planning calendar, and nutrition plan. You will receive all the tools necessary to get in the best shape of your life.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced runner, Triple Threat Running is a training program for you. Expert trainer Shawn Wierick guides you through running-specific strength workouts designed to help you become a stronger runner while giving you the running schedule to reach your race-day goals. Pick your distance, put on your run shoes and get ready to hit the start line in peak running shape.

Triple Threat Running features 5 strength workouts designed to build long lean muscles. Each workout targets specific body parts where we focus on developing muscles that help you become a stronger runner.In addition, the program includes 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon training calendars for Beginner and Intermediate runners. Get ready to get lean, reach your running goals and get the results you desire with Triple Threat Running.

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