GLIDE DISCS + Streaming Workouts

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CHALLENGE THE CORE AND MORE – ShapeU Glide Discs fully incorporate your core muscles to build strength and stamina in your abdominals, glutes, thighs and back. When using the ShapeU discs you will make your core stronger, gain balance, improve posture and increase your flexibility.

ENTIRE BODY WORKOUT - You can also use the ShapeU Glide Discs to tone and tighten your quads, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps. Whether you use the discs as a finisher to a workout, increase the intensity of your Pilates workout, or as a standalone workout, the entire body can get a great workout! Use the guide provided shows multiple exercises to challenge the muscles from head to toe.

EASY TRANSPORT – The ShapeU Glide Discs are lightweight and easy to carry whether you take them to the gym or on your next trip. The discs are so convenient to transport, you can use them at home, work, the gym, your local box or in the hotel room.

LOW IMPACT, MULTI-USE – The ShapeU Glide Discs are easy on your joints while also helping increase your range of motion which lowers your risk of injury. The discs can be used on hardwood, tile and/or carpet floors.

STREAM WORKOUTS FROM XTRAINFIT.TV - Instantly ready to stream or download on any Android or Apple device or phone, as well as connected TV, ROKU or Apple TV.

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