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Total Body Strength & Conditioning 33:05 – This workout hits the body from head to toe. No muscle is left untouched as we tone and tighten the entire body while also burning fat with some cardio drills. Total Body Toning 37:58 – We are working on building definition and strength throughout the arms, legs and core in this workout. Get ready to build lean muscle and challenge the entire body with the exercises in this workout. Cardio Circuit 35:07 – Get ready to melt the fat while targeting major muscle groups in this circuit workout. You will get the metabolism amped while being challenged as you build serious muscle strength and overall endurance. Cardio 39:04 – This sweat-inducing workout while get the heart rate elevated and help you get serious cardiovascular strength. You will burn calories while gaining endurance in this great workout. Cardio & Strength Training 34:45 – This workout is exactly what the title says – a few cardio drills to help with your cardiovascular training and a few strength exercises to gain lean muscle mass. Equipment Needs: Light, Medium and Heavy set of Dumbbells