X-TrainFit Toning

X-TrainFit Toning - $9.99

If you are ready to get the mean, lean, shredded body you have been hoping for, this is the set for you! Karen Gentz and X-TrainFit At Home will help you get ripped with this shred-tastic program that focuses on the full body with three complete workouts.

Multiple levels are demonstrated in each workout to allow everyone to be challenged, regardless of your fitness level. The multiple levels also allow you to scale your workout up or down based on progression and goals.

These three workouts are great for anyone looking to tone up or build lean, calorie burning muscle. These workouts target the entire body; strengthening the core and building lean muscle mass that will not only help you become a leaner, fitter person but will allow you to burn more calories at rest.

  • Core

    Got love handles no one loves? Then this is the workout for you! Multiple levels demonstrated in this workout. Hit everything from the abs, thighs and back in this dynamic workout.

  • Upper Body

    Hit your back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps with multiple sets and reps. Your muscles will reach maximum results with this set-layered approach.

  • Lower Body

    Saddle-bags and droopy booty be gone with this killer lower body workout. Lunge, squat, press and more your way to leaner glutes and thighs.

  • Super Sets

    These workouts are a tough compliment to any routine but if you feel like you can handle more, go for the super sets! Each workout includes a bonus 3-5 minute super set that will leave your muscles shaking!

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