This program will challenge you to complete a tough, no nonsense workout, approximately 30 minutes each day. Each of the 14 unique workouts included are designed to build lean muscle and shed fat, testing your body and reconstructed it into the designed athletic form you desire.

“Follow the program for 90 days, completing each workout and utilize the included nutrition plan to aid you in fueling your body. You will be amazed at the results in no time at all, I guarantee it!” ~ Jody


The Workouts

    • RIPT Abs - 14 Min

      This workout will tighten your rectus and transverse abdominals and obliques.

    • Arm Annihilator - 35 Min

      The biceps and triceps are 100% the focus of this workout. We will curl, dip and much more to get those guns ready for the show.

    • Back Breaker - 42 mins

      We hit the lower, middle and upper back by strengthening the lats, traps, delts and more by pushing and pulling our way through this workout.

    • Chest Shredder - 39 mins

      The series of lifts included in this workout really builds mass in the upper body and delivers the strong muscular chest you are looking for.

    • Deadlift Killer- 39 mins

      While your upper body definitely benefits form this workout, the focus of Dead Lift Killer is the hamstrings and glutes.

    • Death by Thruster - 25 mins

      This workout takes you through a series of challenging thrusters to really work multiple muscle groups and maximize calorie burn.

    • Dirty Dozen - 23 mins

      12 exercises that leave no part of your body untouched. A head to toe workout that sounds easy but is going to definitely challenge you.

    • Leg Overhaul - 25 mins

      Every muscle in the lower body gets an overhaul in this workout. Your hamstrings, glutes and all 4 muscles of the quads get challenged here.

    • Metabolic Mania- 25 mins

      This is a fat shredding workout that works the entire body with cardiovascular movements along with strength segments.

    • Minute by Minute - 39 mins

      I give you 60 seconds to complete a circuit and we do this for 20 total minutes. Sounds easy, but just wait.

    • Shoulder Pressure - 21 mins

      The deltoids are our focus here. What good is a gun show if we don’t have the finishing touch of sculpted shoulders?

    • Stretch - 17 mins

      This is a head to tow recovery day for you. Use the stretch workout to reward and relax every muscle.

    • Total Body Tamer- 32 mins

      We target the entire body in this cardiovascular and strength building workout. Every muscle will feel this workout, while you burn calories to shed fat.

    • Ups & Downs - 18 mins

      This workout hits every square inch of your body with various weight moves to strengthen and cardio moves to burn fat.


Also Included

  • Training Guide

    The RIPT90 training guide is a valuable tool in planning and understanding your workouts over the next 90 days.

  • Nutrition Plan

    The most important part of any program is the nutrition, that's why we included a comprehensive guide to ensure you fuel your workouts. Includes easy to follow recipes consisting of only 5 ingredients.

  • Motivational Poster

    Utilize the poster to track your progress through the 90 days program. Post your before and after pictures to help stay motivated.